Ambleside, Loughrigg Fell, Blea Tarn

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Early Morning was rainy, but after a good breakfast some sunny spells appeared between the grey clouds. We headed over to Ambleside, the central parking was half way occupied at 9:00 in the morning! Next visit in the Lake District, I will have to avoid the Mid-Term holidays. We took a walk up to Loughrigg Fell around Sheep Fold and Lilly Tarn. I tried to find the fotospot at Loghrigg Bow at a ladder over a stone wall with view over Windermere, but could not find it.

Group of Trees, River Rothay Downs, Ambleside
Lone Tree on Loughrigg Fell
Lake Windermere from Loughrigg Fell

After the walk we went back to Ambleside and had a coffee to warm up, since the wind up in the hills was quite cold. Towards the afternoon it got more overcast and started raining. We headed towards Blea Tarn in the hope to get some good shots despite of the weather. The road was a lot of fun: winding single track getting steep up to Blea Tarn. We took the National trust Car Park at Blea Tarn, from there it is just a short walk to the second gate and the tarns outflow.

Blea Tarn long exposure
Bleamoss-Beck outflow from Blea Tarn

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