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There are many river loops along the river Lippe from the source in Bad Lippspringe to junction with the River Rhein. I have the advantage that there are two or three in the immediate surrounding of the city of Hamm. This photo spot is located in the renaturated area of the riverbed called Lippeaue in Oberwerrieser Mersch. The renaturation work has been performed by the city of Hamm with support from the European Union and is nicely documented in this brochure.

The photo spot is easily accessible, the focal length is about 90 mm to have the tree and the river loop together in one composition. Besides the different seasonal effects and the variations in weather, I expect also to see some birds in the area.

March 2021, 1/12

I started late this year and missed the snow in February, but there is a snowy picture from 2013 in the post title. For this photo, I removed the wind turbine in the background, but this is certainly not required for all future photos. The focus is on the river bench to get all details on the flowing water. I may also add a long-time exposure.

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