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I preselected 12 locations for a mix of easy access (immediate surrounding of where I live), landscape/nature and industrial/architectural landmarks of the city of Hamm.
As industrial locations, I selected Gersteinwerk, Kraftwerk Westfalen and Wassertürme. Except for Gersteinwerk I had taken photos of these locations in the previous years and I realized that the compositions might need a change over time as trees have been growing over time, obscuring the previous working compositions. Nevertheless, I am confident to find suitable compositions, and therefore I’ll keep these selections.

There are several architectural landmarks in Hamm that would be suitable for this project, my choice is Ostring/Bärenbrunnen because of its historical background and its mix of cultivated garden with cityscape background. Oberlandesgericht is one of the highest and most imposant buildings in Hamm embedded in a nice park around the old riverbed of river Ahse. Finally, I selected Schloss Oberwerries, a two wing water castle with historical and cultural background for the city of Hamm. It is also nearby Lippeaue, a renaturated area along the meadows of the river Lippe, which allows me to easily combine visits to several selected locations.

In Lippeaue I selected at least 2 spots: Lippeschleife and a plank way at Oberwerrieser Mersch. I may add another viewpoint, but I am not yet sure about it.

I will discard the photo spots in Kurpark that I selected via googlemaps, I think these are not enough landscape and not enough landmark, probably too boring over the year. So, for the moment I keep the viewpoint Schöne Aussicht and add two other locations: Tünner Weg and Vöckinghausen, I believe these have some potential.

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  1. Nice choices Horst, looks like some really interesting locations and lots of potential for interesting compositions.

    Look forward to seeing the collection grow.

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