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Vöckinghausen is a little village in the East of Hamm. Historical records go possibly back to the year 890 a.d. where the village might be mentioned in the urbarium (land registry) of the monastery of Werden. Today it is just a few houses located near the river Ahse.

March 2021

I went quite a distance into the fields to show this group of trees in front of the blue sky background.

Another perspective with furrows as leading lines.

This shows another group of trees heavily covered with mistletoe. This is one of the essential ingredients for the magic potion of the Druid Miraculix.

May 2021

Some impressions of Vöckinghausen show the main road leading into the village, a hunting stand hidden by trees and a small garage with attached village mailbox.

July 2021

The small garage from the other side and a bus stop. Not much going on in Summer.

November 2021

A nice sunny day in November still exposes the autumnal colour of the leaves.

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