Schloss Oberwerries

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The history of the castle goes back to 1284. The manor house in its current shape was built by the famous master builder Ambrosius von Oelde (1685 to 1692). Typical of the building style is, for example, the mansard roof (where the roof surfaces bend in the lower area) with the large chimneys and the attached pavilion tower with the bell-shaped roof. Today, it houses a wedding room for the city of Hamm.

The master builder of the horse stable (marstall in ancient German) in the castle courtyard was Johann Conrad Schlaun, one of the last important architects of the German Baroque. The gatehouse appears to be the oldest part of the complex: The iron wall anchors mark the year 1667, and until a few years ago one of the oldest bells in the city, dating from the 13th century, stood there today on display in the city archives.

Today, the castle is the venue for representative receptions of the city of Hamm as well as the sports and qualification centre of the Westphalian Gymnastics Association.

Due to its idyllic location on the river Lippe in the middle of a landscape conservation area, Schloss Oberwerries has become a popular destination for excursions.

March 2021

This is the view from the other side of the river Lippe. The winterly trees allow a view of the castle through the branches. At this location a self handled ferry for cyclists and pedestrians is operated in summer times.

May 2021

Here are some closer views of the castle. At a rainy day the colors of the walls and the trees stick out.

The rain also explains that there are no people around, on more pleasant days, the castle is a popular destination.

September 2021

On a cloudy day I took a tour around the castle. Here are the views from West, North-West and North.

Here we have some intimate views of the front of the Manor House featuring the staircases.

View of the gate-house.

November 2021

Another visit in November, I went for shooting black & white. However for this project I selected coloured image of the gatehouse.

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