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I like the location because of its historical background and because it allows a view on two iconic locations of the city of Hamm: the Universa Tower with Isenbeck advertisement, a local brewery closed in 1989 and Lutherkirche built in 1739.

To understand the history of the Ringanlagen, you have to go back to the beginnings of the town of Hamm. The town was built at a site of the confluence of the Lippe and Ahse rivers that would be difficult for enemies to capture.

In addition to the two rivers, the town’s moats, walls, and ramparts later provided protection for the inhabitants against invasion. While the remainders of the city walls almost have disappeared, the Ringanlagen still trace the location of the medieval city fortifications today.

February 2021

Snow in February is a real highlight in Hamm, where the Atlantic weather is usually dominated by mild and wet winds from the Northwest. The view is from Bärenbrunnen towards Universe tower.

March 2021

The snow has disappeared in this blue hour scene. We see the white benches along the alley of trees guiding the view towards Universa tower. The Isenbeck advertisement with rider, full pilsener glass and the red Isenbeck logo pops out at night (I had to „repair“ a single letter that won’t be lit). In the background, lit by evening light, we see the bell tower of Lutherkirche.

April 2021

A nice day end of March late morning. This one is nearer to the Pavilion and from this perspective the bell tower of Paulskirche is visible behind the roof tops of the villas righthand.

October 2021

Autumn is coming and so the colours. So here are some autumnal fotos of Universa Haus and Pavillon and Bärenbrunnen.

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