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Oberlandesgericht is one of the highest and most imposant buildings in Hamm embedded in a nice park around the old riverbed of river Ahse. It was built 1955-1958 according the design of the architect Karl Schuck.“ The building is a reinforced concrete construction with clear forms and glass fronts according to „International Style“.

The Oberlandesgericht is also intended to be a place of art. „Kunst am Bau“, made possible by a state funding program for public buildings, can still be seen there today. The sculpture „Gespaltene Erde“ is located in the park in front of the building. It is a huge granite sphere by the Berlin sculptor Paul Dierkes (1907-1968), who was considered „entartet“ during the time of the „Drittes Reich“. The mosaic „Pillar of Justice“ by Hubert Berke (1908-1979) runs through the staircase. And on the side wall of the foyer is a commentary by Thomas Locher and Rolf Walz. In large circles and with circles of light, it addresses the human rights and the German „Grundgesetz“.

February 2021

Snow in February gives a nice contrast to the glass front of the building lit in evening light. You can see the sculpture „Gespaltene Erde“ – „split earth“ at the right in front of the tree.

March 2021

The snow is melted and spring arises. The first narcissus show up in colourful contrast in front of the building. The trees in the park have no leaves yet allowing the view toward the southern Glass Fron of the building.

October 2021

Going out for some autumn pictures, I found these views of OLG

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