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Beginning of March I joined a project created by professional photographer Chris Sale. I know Chris from his youtube channel and I followed him via his ever more professional journey through the lake district. Inspired by his videos, I also took a trip to the lakes in early 2019 and booked a 1-2-1 with Chris for March 2021, which was unfortunately cancelled due to Corona.
The project will hopefully improve the photographing skills of every participant in terms of planning, location scouting and composition under various weather and seasonal conditions. We will focus on 12 photo locations, which we will visit over the time of a full year and produce 12 images per location, at least  one in each season. So over 12 months we will take a huge number of photos and finally present 12 per location. This makes 144 photos of which we will down-select 12 photos representing the essence of the work. This may then be used for a calendar or an ebook to showcase the beauty of the near surrounding of each photographer.
Every month the participants meet for a videoconference to share experience on the project and to help each other getting the best outcome. I like this very much as it is a selection of photographers from many places in Europe and Northern America.
Getting into the project, I decided to travel my hometown via googlemaps based on my perception and experience, but also scanning published photos on various locations. It did not take too long until I came up with a list of possible photo locations for the project.
I selected numerous locations, created a grid of 12 in Affinity Publisher and added some description and photos from googlemaps, see below.
So far so good, now the work had to start, I had to visit the selected locations in person. I went to a bridge over the river Lippe (Lippepark: Brückenschlag) and shot the Gersteinwerk at sunset. I also went to Lippeaue and shot Lippeschleife as well as Overwerrieser Mersch. I went to Bärenbrunnen/Ostring and Oberlandesgericht after heavy snow to get some special effects and tick the box for the winter season. But I did not make it to the Kurpark nor to Wassertürme, nor Schloss Oberwerries and not to Kraftwerk Westfalen. I went to viewpoint „Schöne Ausssicht“ and was disappointed with the location.
Now, a few weeks from start of the project (I am a late starter, Chris had started in January and will certainly make it from January to December) I still did not conclude all 12 locations. I will probably discard some earlier selections and add new locations on the go. My goal is however to start this year in April latest, such that my photo project will go from April this year to March next year. As a consequence, I have 2 weeks left to finally select the locations …


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