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The two water towers are located by the road „Hellweg“ in the City of Hamm. Geographic coordinates are 51°38’55.87″N, 7°49’8.10“E. They are clearly visible from a distance and have become a landmark due to their unique ensemble. They serve to store the drinking water for the city of Hamm and to equalize the pressure. The towers are still in operation. One of the towers houses a municipal utility exhibition on water supply, open on certain occasions.

From the road „Hellweg“ or field paths on the south side, there are beautiful views of the building ensemble. At night, the towers are illuminated and represent landmarks visible from afar even after sunset.

I grew up in Hamm-Berge not far from Wassertürme and from my parents house we had permanent visibility of the towers. On the internet you find photos from the past with very low vegetation, but now the trees have grown and parts of the towers are obscured by trees. Nevertheless, I think this is a characteristic landmark for the city of Hamm and well worth the selection.

March 2021

This is the view from Hellweg looking south. In this composition, the left tower is visible in full, the right one is obscured by trees. The field furrow leads into the frame. Later in the year, the field plants will grow and the trees on the right will build leaves changing the appearance of the scene.

May 2021

The viewpoint from the south side is less obscured by trees and in early May we have a wonderful contrast of the yellow field of rape against blue sky.

July 2021

Same viewpoint as in May, different colours now and different flowers.

Another look from the south, now a little more distant with two trees building a frame.

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